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Additional options

Automation is at the heart of our services to provide better products at better prices.


We take care of the process to open your online current account with our financial partner and once incorporated you receive automatically your social capital without delay.

€50 tax excl. (for the on-boarding)


Our accountants provide services 100% online in French and English.

Free appointment (excluding service fees as of €150 tax excl. per month (conditions apply)

Statutory auditor

For legal reasons, your company may need to appoint a Statutory auditor. You can choose your own auditor or we can appoint someone for you.

Appointment €125 tax excl. (excluding service fees as of €1500/year) (conditions apply)


Our domiciliation services provide services 100% online in French and English.

€29 tax excl. per month (excl. options)


We provide you with an online insurer. We communicate your activity requirements to the insurer and ensure your subscription starts with your business.

Free estimate

Expert Advice

At any time, you can add a 1-hour meeting with an expert (accounting, notary, lawyer). We set up the meeting for you.

€210 tax excl. per hour

Regulated activity

Regulated activities require additional services and documents.

€175 tax excl. (excl. fixed costs for pro. chambers)


We take care of the termination process and provide you with an estimate based upon your company's situation.

€2000 tax excl. (conditions apply)


We deal with all the basic documents and we facilitate your on-boarding process with the selected services. Get your company up and running in a blink.

€245 tax excl.

Partnership agreement

We provide a smart questionnaire to determine the best clauses for your documents. We offer videos, blog articles and FAQ to help you understand everything.

€265 tax excl.

Audit your bylaws

Audit your bylaws and check if you have all the essential provisions for your projects.

Starting at €90 tax excl.

Late Change

Want to change the content of the documents before signing? No problem, we can change the content.

Fixed fee as of €150 tax excl. (upon task)