Need to create a company for your clients?

Simplify your client's life, propose an automated online process and focus the value on your legal advice

Control the process and the client relationship


your clients

Receive your fees for legal advice directly.


We check
the documents

Including IDs and useful information.


You review the documents

Make changes and launch the signature process.


Your client
signs online

Advanced electronic signature and secure storage of the documents.


You're done!

Receive the registered documents. Maintain your client relationship.

You control the documents, the process and you keep your client's relationship.

No more email, it's automated

Prepared documents:

  • Bylaws
  • Tax Summary
  • Founders List
  • Administrative statements
  • Statutory auditors appointment
  • Recovery of engaged costs

Services included:

  • Electronic signature (advanced)
  • Documents and ID check
  • Online escrow account
  • Legal toolkit and mandatory docs. (invoice, legal terms, etc)
  • Electronic storage (10 years)

Other options:

  • Shareholders agreement
  • Domiciliary services 100% online
  • Statutory auditor
  • On boarding with your online current account, insurance, accounting, invoicing