We are reinventing legal services

The law is a commodity, it's accessible everywhere by anyone, in any language and it's constantly evolving.

Best legal practices change faster than the law itself.

For an entrepreneur, being aware, agile and legally flexible is the key to success.

The value of legal experts is no longer in their legal knowledge but in automating and removing recurrent tasks, making entrepreneurs more autonomous.

Our secret sauce is a mix of expertise and automation, eliminating repetitive tasks at a low cost for entrepreneurs worldwide.

We remove legal complexity

Entrepreneurs prefer to focus on their project, not on paperwork.

Any legal issues can be resolved with simple solutions, starting with common sense and awareness.

You decide, we prepare the documents and inform you on the legal and administrative constraints, we execute.

We care

We relentlessly search for new ways to automate your recurrent needs so you focus on what matters the most, your business.

We are entrepreneur-centric.


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